O nas / About us

Grm Primary School is located in Novo mesto, a town in Southeast Slovenia. Our school currently welcomes 850 pupils aged 6 to 15.

With the next film, titled A BUSHMAN (“GRMČAN” is a pupil of Grm Primary School) DOESN’T GROW BEHIND EACH BUSH, which was made on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of our school, in 2011, we would like to present our Grm Primary School to you. The word GRM means a bush or a shrub. Our pupils star in the film, together with our former pupils, who tell us how Grm Primary School has affected their lives. They highlight the values ​​they find important: sportsmanship, perseverance, flexibility, dedication, teamwork, rhythm and energy, teacher support, goals … At the same time you can observe the school premises: the classrooms, the gym, the swimming pool, the lobby, the kitchen and the school canteen, the staff room and various activities taking place at our school. The pupils starring in the film are dressed in diverse costumes, with which we wanted to capture a piece of the rich history of Novo mesto. You can see a prehistoric man, the Princess of Hallstatt, a Roman soldier, Rudolf IV of Habsburg – the founder of Novo mesto, the local poet Anton Podbevšek, and the painter Božidar Jakac, the Olympic champion Leon Štukelj, who won several medals as a gymnast at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924.

This year our school is celebrating its 50th anniversary. A new presentation video is being made, so let’s take a look at some fragments showing the school pulse of nowadays.